Marrakesh was opened in July 2010 by Ahmad Rahman. Rahman retired in 2016, but his sons Sami and Nabil continue to run, manage and cook for the restaurant. Nabil’s sons, Nyrav and Naseme, also cook for the restaurant. 

Nyrav and Naseme are being taught everything Ahmad's father taught him. This means instilling in them the importance of treating everyone they interact with, from each other to fellow employees, to customers, with respect. It’s something Ahmad Rahman repeatedly emphasized to his sons and grandsons growing up.

“Everyone that comes in here feels like family,” Ahmad Rahman said. “What they learned in life is being honest and to treat people like they treat each other, and that’s what’s going to make them a success in life. The most important thing is the quality of our food and how we treat one another.”

- Excerpt from JDNews.com (Reporter Kevin Vandenburg)

Marrakesh Family Photo.jpg

Ahmad Rahman immigrated from Jerusalem in 1967. Before opening Marrakesh, Ahmad owned gas stations and grocery stores in the Jacksonville area. As the patriarch of the family, Ahmad was always in the kitchen. If there was a Rahman family gathering you could count on Ahmad to provide a delicious and nutritious meal for everyone at the table. Ahmad had never owned a restaurant before, but his sons were immensely supportive of the idea. Sami, Nabil, and Sammer, his oldest son, worked at his other businesses from a young age. It was only natural that opening Marrakesh would also be a family affair. The traditional techniques passed down from generations of Rahman's now lives on in Ahmad's grandsons. Each night at Marrakesh is a family gathering. When you walk into Marrakesh you are walking into more than a restaurant. This place is our home and we welcome you to our table.